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About me

My Journey Back to Health

Hi, I'm Clémentine

I’m the Integrative Health Professional and Women’s Health Specialist behind Holistic by Nature. Through innovative services and programs, I provide knowledge, tools, and guidance to help you reconnect, understand, and rebalance your body, mind, and environment. This allows you to move out of survival mode and finally build a thriving relationship with yourself and those around you.

I, too, once suffered from Hormonal Imbalances and Premenstrual Syndrome. There was a time when I wrongly believed that these symptoms were just a “normal” part of being a woman, something we were all destined to endure passively. Now, I am dedicated to providing other women with the support, knowledge, tools, and guidance I wish I had when I began my own journey years ago.

Hi I'm Clémentine holistic by nature
Portrait Clementine Japan

My Journey Back to Health

Growing up in a dysfunctional family sparked a deep fascination for the human mind within me and guided me toward early emancipation. At 17, I left France and sailed for Asia, where I spent 10 years in Japan, immersing myself in cultural differences and exploring the connection between my body and mind.

While juggling various jobs from translation to education, I put myself through university and graduated with a degree in Psychology. Thinking I could maintain the same pace, I took a job in a Japanese trading company, pushing myself relentlessly until I met one of my greatest teachers: burnout. My body became unable to function, and my mind was in a constant fog. It was a wake-up call to the importance of balancing activity and rest, managing stress, and setting boundaries in today’s society.

By changing my job, mindset, and priorities, and gradually dedicating more time to self-care, I managed to nurture myself back to functionality over six months. However, my body and mind remained in survival mode, plagued by digestive disorders, debilitating PMS, unexplained weight gain, mood swings, exhaustion, and emotional overwhelm.

Feeling that something was missing, I embarked on a journey to understand and address the underlying causes of my condition. Returning to Europe, I undertook an intensive three-year training course combining Academic Medicine and Traditional European Medicine in Switzerland.

Implementing Integrative principles into my daily life, I gradually developed healthier relationships between my body, mind, and environment. I created an environment conducive to natural self-healing processes, overcoming many disorders that had made me feel miserable and powerless over the years. My gut healed, my PMS vanished, my weight stabilized, and I finally grasped the true meaning of serenity.

This journey required time and dedication, and while there may always be “cloudy” days ahead, I now understand that by listening to my body, mind, and environment, I hold the key to restoring harmony within and around me. I’ve learned that women’s health and well-being hinge on fragile equilibrium, with emotional and hormonal balance at its core.

Portrait Clementine Switzerland
Integrative health holistic by nature

My personal success with my own health fueled my passion for Mind-Body Medicine. Deep within, I felt the urge to share this approach to empower other women to cultivate health and well-being within themselves and their surroundings. Now settled in Arizona, I’m expanding my practice internationally as a Natural and Integrative Health Professional specializing in women’s health.

My primary focus is to help mothers and women entrepreneurs who, like me once, struggle with emotional overwhelm, mood swings, chronic fatigue, insomnia, stress, thyroid problems, PMS, digestive and hormonal disorders. I aim to help them understand and harmonize their mind, body, and environment, enabling them to activate self-healing processes and create a thriving environment for themselves and their loved ones.

Passionate about holistic health and wellness, I look forward to guiding you on your own journey to well-being during our next session!

Training Credentials

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Sophia University, Japan


  • Diploma in Academic Medicine, EPSN*, Switzerland


  • Diploma in Traditional European MedicineNaturopathy, EPSN*, Switzerland


*World Naturopathic Federation Educational Member

Continuing Education

  • Usui Reiki II – Japan Reiki Association, Japan
  • Therapeutic Magnetism & Medical Radiesthesia – Private Seminar, France
  • Diploma in Ontology Studies – Private Tuition, France
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate– Achology, Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
  • Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner Certificate – C.R.A.O Research Center on Oligotherapeutics, Switzerland
  • Professional Women’s Health Program Internship – Souveraine, France
  • Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate – SWIHA, USA

Committed To Your Health

As a Integrative Health Professional and Women’s Health Specialist, my priority is to promote empowerment in terms of health and wellness through an individualized and integrative approach.

Clementine holistic by nature practice

What's your ideal journey?

Because once I too was there, here’s how I can help you.

- Group Coaching -

Embark on a journey to deepen your connection with your menstrual cycle through 60 minutes of interactive webinars. Join an intimate setting with up to 5 women participants for a transformative experience with mind-body practices.

-1:1 Health Coaching -

Empower yourself with personalized support and tools to manage stress, achieve your goals, and improve your health and well-being. Discover your innate wisdom, shift your mindset, and turn your dreams into reality.

- Integrative Health Program -

Discover how to reconnect, rebalance, and rejuvenate your body and mind with your personalized program. From HTMA testing and nutritional assessment to health coaching and a tailored action plan. Access integrative tools and support to unlock your innate healing wisdom within and around you.

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