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Menstrual Harmony

Women’s Health Group Coaching

Did you know you're not alone?

Today 3 Women out of 4 are experiencing PMS symptoms on a regular basis.

Are you tired of dealing with mood swing, painful cramps, headache or bloating every month?

You feel finally ready to empower yourself and understand your cycle on a deeper level?

You’ve come to the right place!

Menstrual Harmony...

…is a Live Educational and Coaching Group Program focused on Women’s Menstrual Health. Through various sessions you explore your cycle focusing not only on its physical aspect but also included all the psychological, emotional, and environmental dimension that impact your menstrual health.


Menstrual Harmony gives you the tools, knowledge, and support to:

Mind-body practices holistic by nature

How can Mind-body practices help your menstrual health?

As you likely know, knowledge is powerful. Understanding what’s happening in our bodies and how it correlates with our minds is the first step toward empowering yourself to alleviate monthly recurring PMS symptoms such as mood swings, fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances, skin issues, and more.

But knowing isn’t enough on its own. To be truly effective, you need to understand how it applies to you personally. Given that we are all unique, with different body types and needs, the real wisdom lies within ourselves. Learning to observe, feel, explore, and introspect, enable us to reconnect with our bodies and minds to unlock their invaluable teachings and harmonize our cycles.

Mind-body practices give you the tools you need for this journey, tapping into the wisdom already inside you.

What are the options available?

Pick from main 4 modules to begin your own journey.

The nature of your Cycle

Learn how your body's natural rhythms are connected to those of nature. Discover your inner nature and understand how to express your emotions and address your deeper needs.
Season 1

The Nature Of Your Cycle

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll learn to identify the different phases of your cycle. Explore how your energy changes throughout it and discover ways to align your daily life with your inner rhythm for improved well-being.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll explore how nature connects to your menstrual cycle. You’ll discover how to use the moon’s energy to support your health, increase awareness, and create harmony throughout the month.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll delve into primal emotions and the needs they conceal. You’ll Learn to express these emotions harmoniously and tend to your own needs to reclaim your inner power and achieve greater harmony throughout your cycle.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll explore the power of rituals. You will discover how to create dedicated time and space for your body, mind, and spirit to rejuvenate regularly throughout your cycle.

The physiology of your Cycle

Understand how hormones fluctuate throughout your menstrual cycle. Learn how to track your menstrual health and address naturally any major imbalances that may occur.
Season 2

The physiology of your cycle

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll discover how ovulation reflects your overall health. You’ll learn how to begin tracking your cycle to observe your natural fluctuations and interpret your body’s messages more effectively later on.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll explore the vital role of natural hormones in your menstrual cycle. You’ll understand how these hormones fluctuate throughout the month, influencing both your physical and psychological well-being.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll delve into the key hormonal imbalances in the menstrual cycle. You’ll learn to recognize your body’s signals and explore natural ways to enhance your overall hormonal balance.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll discover how to interpret the data when tracking your cycle. You’ll also explore the interconnection between your female hormones and other systems in your body, along with various ways to restore harmony throughout your whole body.

The psyche in your Cycle

Learn how your mindset can significantly impact your well-being and menstrual health. Discover the primary feminine archetypes and unlock your unique creative potential.
Season 3

The Pysche in your cycle

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll discover techniques to enhance focus and awareness for better well-being. You will explore the connections between body and mind, and how applying this understanding can enhance menstrual health.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll discover unconscious and toxic thought patterns that underlie dysfunctional relationships. You’ll explore strategies to raise awareness and develop alternative behaviors for cultivating fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll discover how to tap into your subconscious mind and embrace your inner wisdom. Then, you’ll get to apply your personal vision to your menstrual health, aligning it with your feminine energy and higher purpose.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll explore how the main female archetypes can enrich different aspects of womanhood. You’ll learn how to cultivate and connect with specific energies to enhance and nurture your creative potential within your menstrual cycle.

The balance in your Cycle

Discover your individual balance and rhythm to take care of yourself. Learn new techniques and incorporate holistic self-care practices to improve your well-being and menstrual health.
Season 4

The balance in your cycle

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll learn how to maintain your balance throughout your menstrual cycle and adopt a new approach to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You’ll understand why it’s crucial to prioritize being over doing and find harmony between your actions and your well-being

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll find out why taking care of yourself is crucial for your menstrual health. You’ll learn how to set boundaries to recharge effectively, boost your confidence, and improve your self-respect, so you can fully enjoy your relationships.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll learn about the connection between your environment and your hormonal balance. We’ll explore simple changes you can make in your daily life to create a healthier environment for better menstrual health.

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll find out how drinking enough water, choosing the right foods, and incorporating herbs can improve your menstrual health. You’ll learn how to adjust your nutrition according to your needs and the stage of your cycle.

How Does it work?

How do I begin?

Choose from the packages below how many sessions you want (between 1 to 4). Select the module you want to start your journey with. Reserve your spot, and you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details and webinar links.

What can I expect?

Each session will be 60 minutes long and will include activities for your mind and body, educational content, and group coaching. This will help you explore your inner wisdom and apply what you learn. Each session will have a maximum of 5 participants to ensure a safe and intimate setting.

What will I receive?

Following each session, you'll get a summary of what you learned and a journal to help you dive deeper into the experience.

I'm Clementine holistic by nature

Hi, I'm Clémentine

I’m the Integrative Health Professional and Women’s Health Specialist behind Menstrual Harmony. I created this Educational & Group Coaching Program because I, too, once suffered from Hormonal Imbalances and Premenstrual Syndrome. There was a time when I wrongly believed that these symptoms were just a “normal” part of being a woman, something we were all destined to endure passively.

For years, I experienced painful and recurrent monthly cramps, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, and digestive disorders, which made me feel miserable and strained my relationships. Experiencing burnout around the age of 26 forced me to finally pay attention to my health. It became the trigger I needed to start listening to my body and its needs again.

I made it my mission to understand how my body and mind functioned. I soon realized the profound impact of the mind-body connection on my overall health, how stress hormones could worsen or improve my symptoms, and how disconnected I had become from my own body’s signals.

It took me years to cultivate healthier and more conscious relationships between my body, mind, and environment, allowing self-healing processes to gradually make my symptoms disappear. Through this experience I realized that this self-healing potential exists within each of us. Now, I am dedicated to providing other women with the support, knowledge, tools, and guidance I wish I had when I began my own journey years ago.

If you are reading this, it is probably high time for you to reconnect and rebalance your body and mind, so you can prioritize your menstrual health and achieve greater well-being. The good news is, you’re not alone on this journey! Join an intimate group of women like you for an experience that will empower you to create the life you truly deserve.

Menstrual harmony is for me if...

Clementine holistic by nature practice

Why invest in your health now?

Firstly, because you deserve it! Feeling healthy, thriving, and fulfilled is your birthright, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t deserve a place in your life.

But think of health like a plant—it needs regular care. While you may have incredible resilience when you’re young, over time, your body reaches its limits. Prioritizing your health today is an investment in your future. You can choose to pay now with preventive measures and long-term improvements, or you can pay later when those funds go towards trying to patch things up or repair what may be irreparable. The decision of “when” is up to you.

Ask yourself: what would benefit you the most, and when do you want to start prioritizing yourself?

Ready to start your own journey?

4-session Package

Menstrual Harmony
$ 35 Per session
  • 4 workshops,
    each lasting for 60 minutes
  • 4 Workshops Summary Sheets
  • 4 Menstrual Harmony Journals (PDF)
Best offer

2-session Package

Menstrual Harmony
$ 45 per session
  • 2 workshops,
    each lasting for 60 minutes
  • 2 Workshops Summary Sheets
  • 2 Menstrual Harmony Journals (PDF)

1 session

Menstrual Harmony
$ 50 per session
  • 1 Workshop,
    lasting for 60 minutes
  • 1 Workshop Summary Sheet
  • 1 Menstrual Harmony Journal

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for below, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

These workshops are designed to offer women comprehensive education about their menstrual cycle and a secure environment to share and reflect. The goal is to empower women with the knowledge and tools needed for daily self-care, improving their menstrual health and overall well-being.

The workshops are open to women who are biologically female and aged 18 or above. If you’re a mother interested in menstrual health education for your teenage daughters, please reach out. We can create a workshop tailored specifically to your needs.

You don’t need any special knowledge to take part. Just be interested in your own health and ready to join in.

Yes! Active participation is encouraged as introspection is one of the best ways to raise awareness and solidify new knowledge. You will be invited to share your feelings and reflect on your own experiences and goals.

To ensure an optimal experience, please consider the following:

  • Find a distraction-free space for your session.
  • Take precautions to avoid interruptions.
  • Stay hydrated and have a glass of water nearby.
  • Take a bathroom break before the session starts.
  • Check your microphone, computer, and internet connection beforehand.
  • Have the Zoom link ready at least 5 minutes before the session starts.
  • Feel free to have pen and paper on hand if you wish to jot down any insights or information.

While it’s recommended to begin with modules 1, 2, and 3 for a better understanding of the final module, ultimately, it’s your journey. Let your intuition guide you toward the module that resonates with you the most.

While you’re free to start with any module you prefer, please note that the sessions need to be completed sequentially. Sessions 1 through 4 are designed to progressively build knowledge, helping you make sense of the entire module.

The workshop is intentionally kept small, with only five participants, to create a private and intimate atmosphere. This setting allows each participant to feel safe, enabling them to openly share and deepen their experience authentically. Confidentiality is strictly maintained within the group, ensuring that what is shared stays within the group.

How can Menstrual Harmony benefit my menstrual health and well-being? Menstrual Harmony offers a holistic approach to understanding the various dimensions of your menstrual health. Throughout this experience, you’ll gain tools and knowledge that you can mindfully integrate into your self-care routine, ultimately enhancing your menstrual health and overall well-being.

If you need to reschedule your session, you may do so up to two times, provided that you notify us at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session. However, any rescheduling beyond this timeframe and exceeding two times will result in the session being charged in full.

Will you be offering refunds? No, workshops are considered a service and are non-refundable. We encourage you to make your purchase mindfully.

Each workshop is expected to run for approximately 60 minutes.

You can access the available workshops after selecting a package. Upon selection, you will be redirected to the calendar where you can choose to register for the module you want to start with.

Awaken Your Healing Wisdom, Within and Around You.